More than 60%

of Power Quality costs are 
consequence of Voltage Sags.

Learn more about Voltage Sags and other issues

Causes, regulations, equipments immunity


Voltage SAG cost is normally lower than a Voltage Supply Interruption one, but the first is by far more frequent.

Troubles increase with sophisticated and electronic appliances.


Temporary reduction of the Voltage RMS below a specific threshold at an electrical supply line point.

Voltage SAGs are generally caused by faults in the public network or in the installations of network users, in few cases by transient overloads due to the gearing up of large motors or the switching on of large loads.

  Voltage SAGs are unpredictable and random.
SAG starts when Voltage goes lower than 90% of nominal value and ends when voltages resume above 90%. Voltage SAG duration is considered within 10ms up to 1min. 
The great deal of Voltage SAG have a duration lower than 1 second and a residual voltage higher than 40% of the rated value.


The more modern the equipment is and the more electronics is required, the more serious are the problems caused through voltage SAG. With the increasing number of regenerative energy sources, energy sags, fluctuations and frequency deviations also increase.

Example of costs due to voltage SAGs: 
•  Costs for unproductive personnel due to the sudden termination of the production cycle. 
•  Costs for raw materials and production lost. 
•  Costs for damages and/or malfunctions of machineries (repairs to them, temporary hire of new ones). 
•  Penalties caused by contractual shortcomings. 
•  Sanctions for damage to the environment. Increase in general insurance costs.

Protection from the most common Power Quality problem.

Voltage SAGs are the most common cause of equipment malfunctions in automated industry.
SAGs correction up to -50% for 1 min. 

Economical solution: no maintenance and operation costs. 
No battery energy storage required. Efficiency >98% at nominal power.

Model Power Input voltage compensation
Oxygen 10-40 From 200kVA to 3200kVA -40% for 1 minute (100% Vout) ±10% continuos
Oxygen 15-50 From 200kVA to 2000kVA -50% for 1 minute (100% Vout) ±15% continuos


Correction in less than 3 millisec.

SAG correction up to -50% with continuous ±10%, ±15% online regulation.

High Efficiency

>98% at nominal power.

Industrial design

Designed for standard industrial loads with admitted overload as of 150% for 1 minute (at nominal input voltage).

Modular construction

Fast & Easy maintenance.

Without energy storage

Minimum maintenance and increased reliability.

Internal by-pass

Internal by-pass static switch enabling load supply in case of fault condition.


Modbus RTU (TCP on request).

Multilingual touch screen HMI

Easy to understand with simple user controls, events log.
Remote duplication by dedicated software (Ethernet).

THE most sensitive applications

electornic industry circuit

Electronic industry

Sensitive machineries, semiconductors.

Bottling process industry

Food & Beverage

High speed bottling, packaging lines.

Robots on assembly line

Continous production lines

Steelworks, petrolchemicals, fiber, automotive.

Hospital surgery room


Sensitive medical equipment, hospitals.

Working pharmaceutical lab



Data center image server

Computer equipment

Banks, telecommunication, data centres.


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